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Newgrounds is fixed!

2010-01-27 10:22:25 by logan444

I am back! Newgrounds wasn't working 4 me before, but now... it's fine! I'M BACK!

Level 7 YEAH! W00T!

2009-08-22 10:17:41 by logan444

I'm level 7 now! WOOHOO! Please comment!


2009-08-10 18:44:19 by logan444

I tried putting a pic up called lil green blob but it says you can't look at it. So yeah. Just wanted you guys to know what was going on. Bye! The pic that I tried to upload is below. I might try to upload it again :)


A lot more art is coming!

2009-08-10 15:32:27 by logan444

Hey, everyone! I have a ton of art coming to newgrounds! =D yep dats' pretty cool huh? Well I have 6 paintings up at the time so check those out when you can I'll put one below.

A lot more art is coming!

Private: Complete 5 levels.
Sergeant: Complete 10 levels.
Major: Complete 15 levels.
Colonel: Complete 20 levels.
General: Complete 25 levels.
True Minesweeper: Complete level 29.
Takeover: Complete the game by choosing to "Take Over".
Revive: Complete the game by selecting "Revive".
Wrong Turn: Successfully find the secret area on level 16.
Scout: Find the first "Secret Area".
Observer: Find the second "Secret Area".
Committed: Find the third "Secret Area".
Too Much Free Time!: Find the fourth "Secret Area".
Insane: Find the fifth "Secret Area".
The Secret Ammo Box: Find the Secret Box on level 4.
Weebl's Secret Island: Find Weebl's secret area on level thirteen.
Eagle Eyes: Complete level 6 on the first guess.
Click,Click,Click: Complete level 27.

I hope this helped all of you guys PLEASE COMMENT!

Artist: View all of the paintings in the collab.
HARRAH: Go to page 45 and press the worm's face along with his helmet.
SUCHO: Go to the 41st page and click where the two backs come together.
BIGJONNY: Go to the 27th page and click the fist.
AUSTIN: Go to the 8th page and click the persons face on the right.

I hope this helped everyone :) PLEASE COMMENT!!!

Speedy Delivery: Deliver the baby without doing anything wrong in 20 seconds or under.
Can't Concentrate: Deliver the baby without taking the ritilin.
It's A Boy: Successfully deliver the baby.
Play Again?: Type play while you're already playing.
You're Too Slow!: Run out of time.
Confuzzled: Fail the delivery without doing anything.
Hercules: Pull baby Tom's head off.
That's Disgusting!: Deliver the baby without putting on the blind fold.
XYZZY: Send the baby into outer space!
Wrong Way!: Push the baby further in the womb.
Goodbye World: Commit Suicide (Type Suicide) (no capitilizing).
Filthy Hand's: Deliver the baby with you're bare hands.
Just Can't Wait: Type deliver in the menu.


2009-08-02 11:39:50 by logan444

Finally I got all of those freaking Pico Blast medals! It's sad that i had to cheat but still! How did I cheat you ask? Well I can get any weapon i want. All you have to do is hit the g button and select and weapon you want! But still finally!

Newgrounds Rumble now has medals!!! YAY! Plus Rusty Arcades "Newgrounds Card Game" works again! But the NG Card Game needs more people!!!


2009-06-22 16:13:05 by logan444